Sell, Donate, Recycle

There are a lot of ways to get rid of clutter aside from throwing it in the trash. The links below provide information on how to donate or recycle items you no longer need or want. This keeps items out of landfills and can give your item a new life!

Donate Items

Career Gear - This New York based organizations accepts men’s business attire for job interviews and reentry into the workforce. They also provide mentoring programs. Men’s clothing may be mailed to them at their New York location.

Kid Flicks – This website collects children’s DVDs for donation to hospitals. Their goal is to create a DVD library at every hospital in the US. Click here for the address to mail DVDs to.

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies – accept donations of clean stuffed animals

Vietnam Veterans of America – accept donations of household items, clothing, bikes, small electronics and more.  These donations help fund veteran programs available to any veteran in need.


Recycle Items

CD Recycling Center of America – Recycle CDs, DVDs and cases which shouldn’t be thrown into the trash.


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 Colorado Organizations


Aspen Mine Center – Cripple Creek, CO – Programs include a food pantry and a clothing program.

Community Partnership – Divide, CO – Assisting Teller County residents in need with clothing and small household items.

Denver Works – accepts business attire to provide to individuals that participate in their job seeking and training programs.

Hazardous Waste Disposal – Colorado Springs, CO - Accept household paint, deck stain, insecticides, batteries, bleach, motor oil, all sorts of electronics, and a lot more. They have recycling programs which are detailed on their site for each type of item.

One Nation Walking Together – One Nation collects, nonperishable food, furniture, appliances(large and small), housewares, linens-towels, sheets, blankets, hygiene items, space heaters and clothing.

Partners in Housing – Colorado Springs, CO – This organization helps homeless families with donations of clothing, household goods, dishes, furniture and clean stuffed animals and toys.

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) – Denver, CO – Accepts donations of craft and school supplies to supply teachers with creative and cost effective ways to enhance learning in their classrooms.

Springs Rescue Mission – Colorado Springs, CO – Accepts donations of baby items, furniture, bedding, kitchen items, and non perishable food (among other items)

Street Supplies – Provides outreach services to the homeless population by delivering sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothing, food, and hygiene items directly to the people who need it. Their goal is to provide the basic supplies that homeless people need to survive living on the streets.

Teens with Promise – Colorado Springs, CO – this organization runs a thrift store primarily for teens with clothing, shoes and sports equipment

Westside Cares – Colorado Springs, CO - accepts clothing, blankets and backpacks as needed for distribution to those in need.

Women’s Resource Agency – Colorado Springs, CO – accepts clothing, makeup and office supplies for women and girls who need assistance.




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  2. Thank you for what you are doing with this site! I am hoping that you would add our nonprofit to your list. One Nation Walking Together, located in Colorado Springs, serves 11 Native American reservations in 7 western states as well as urban Native Americans along the Front Range, from Denver to Pueblo, Canon City and Walsenburg. Denver has the largest concentration of Native Americans (approx. 55K) in the country-second to the Navajo reservation. Colorado is a hub for Natives who have moved off reservations and relocated due to overwhelming poverty. They are the poorest of the poor whether they live on the reservation or off. Depending on the reservation or urban area you visit the unemployment rate is 40-80%, 50% don’t have a vehicle, teen suicide is 4-10 times the national average, infant mortality, diabetes, heart disease are also much higher in this group. One Nation collects, nonperishable food, furniture, appliances(large and small), housewares, linens-towels, sheets, blankets, hygiene items, space heaters and clothing. We also offer a pickup service. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. I appreciate your time and consideration in reading this long post! Wopila Tanka (many thanks)!! 719-329-0251.

    • Hello! Thank you so much for your comment. I would be happy to add your organization to the list. I will also be contacting you because I am very interested to learn more about your organization. Thank you so much!

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