Winter House Prep

Winter arrived late in Colorado this year. We had beautiful 60 degree days until just a couple weeks ago. So we were pretty late with our winter house prepping, but we got it done. We have a lot of outside projects that we like to complete before the cold sets in. We clean our grill and bring it into the garage storage closet. We fill up our wood racks on the deck.

Porch (1) Porch (5)Then we sweep the decks, shake off the doormats and wipe away any spider webs, etc from the porch.

Porch (6)We also have a bunch of patio furniture that we obviously don’t use in the winter.

PorchWe store the cushions in our shed during the winter so they don’t get wet or damaged. This year we did it just in time. A couple days after we did our outside winter projects, the snow set in.

IMG_8015IMG_8016It’s barely gotten above freezing since so now we’ll focus on keeping the inside clean. This is no easy task when you have 2 kids, 3 dogs, muddy boots and a wood burning stove. However, we love having a roaring fire and staying cozy with the family.

There are also other seasonal projects that still need to be done, such as changing out our water and humidifier filters. On my House Cleaning List, I have some of these projects listed. I also need to add a couple to my list, such as change the smoke detector batteries, which we’ve already done this year.

We have also recently gotten oil changes in both vehicles, gotten our 60K maintenance on my awesome minivan and got some new tires on the same awesome minivan.

It’s important to keep track of the things you need to do seasonally or annually to keep your house and belongings in good condition. With regular maintenance, your home, appliances, vehicles and more can stay in great shape.

Are there things around your house you’ve been putting off? Time to cross them off the list!