A repurposed bookend project

I was visiting family and friends in Phoenix last week and was helping my mom organize a few things. She showed me a book case she’s been working on and she had come with the most creative idea! She took part of a mantle and turned it into a bookend! Let me backtrack….

When I was little I used to do the Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies workout videos with my friends. Don’t ask me why…..I have no idea and I thought I would never tell anyone that. Anyways, the only picture I had of the original mantle was of me doing the Richard Simmons’ video. I conveniently cropped myself out of the photo (though I know you desperately wanted to see me in my shirt with a giant Yorkie on it. Don’t ask me about that either……)

Here’s what the mantle used to look like:Recent040

Once the mantle came down, there were several supporting pieces that could have been destined for the trash.


However, my mom decided to use one as a shabby chic bookend!


How cute and clever! This fix not only kept something out of a landfill, but also created a super original and functional piece of decor.


Kitchen Desk – Reorganize and reuse

Hi friends! I am visiting sunny Phoenix, Arizona right now and it.is.hot. I mean really hot:


That’s almost 9:00 at night! I grew up here, but I forget how blazin’ hot it is. So we’ve been doing some inside activities instead of braving the heat. I’m helping my mom with a few organizing projects while I’m here and the first one was the desk/workspace in the kitchen area.

Now this space was difficult for two reasons.

1) There is an office in the house so the desk doesn’t really need to be used for many office supplies or files. However, it is a desk, so it has some little drawers and some super deep drawers for hanging folders. So its’ purpose has been kind of undefined for a while.

2) There are 8 cubbies near the top of the desk. While this seems practical, it also can end up looking cluttered because everything is in view.

First we re-evaluated the drawers.

Desk Before Collage - text

My mom had decided to use one drawer for tools. This is great because they are conveniently located in the main living area of the house but they aren’t taking up valuable kitchen space. The drawer just needed an additional bin and a quick reorganization.

Then we did the middle drawer which held the office/ desk supplies:

The 3rd drawer held misc items and it still does. However, there are fewer of them!


As for the top half of the desk, there are several shelves and 8 smaller cubbies. Please excuse my horrible iphone before picture.



My mom had a small CD cabinet that she was planning to get rid of. So we stole the drawers from it!


Filling all of the cubbies with a drawer would have been too overwhelming, so we used 4 of the drawers and used the other 4 cubbies for decorative accents. We had to decide which cubbies got a drawer though….that process took way too long!

Choice A

Choice A

Choice B

Choice B

Choice C

Choice C

We went with Choice C!

Now the drawers are organized and the cubbies look more updated and might get used a little more!

Drawers after collage - text

Choice C

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