Creating Zones in the Garage

In my previous post, I included a link to my Fox News segment on garage organizing.  I talked about a few different concepts, but I didn’t go into anything in depth because it was a 3 minute segment! I’m going to expand on a few of these ideas. First I want to talk about how to create zones in your garage.

Zones are important because they make you group like items together. This alone makes things much easier to find and store. However, zoning also makes you focus on what you use most and encourages you to make those items easily accessible. Zoning also allows you to take full advantage of your garage because you really evaluate each part of the space.

Start with a rough drawing of your garage and map out the zones that will work for you and your family. My garage is drawn out below and I have assigned zones for each area. Every space is slightly different, so your zones will vary, but use this as a general concept.

Garage Zones


Transition Zone – This can be a place to put muddy boots, hang dog leashes, store reusable grocery bags, etc. This is especially useful if you don’t have a separate mudroom. This doesn’t have to be a large area; it just needs to be defined. Everyone in the house should know where to put their own items within the space.

Need it Now/ Frequently Used – This area is for items you may use often but don’t want to store inside the house.  It can include things like extra canned goods, a recycle bin, or dog food. It can also be a great place to store items you don’t want to have to search for when you need them, such as batteries, a fire extinguisher, or flashlights.

Long or Tall Storage – This category includes items such as rakes, shovels and skis which don’t easily fit in a cabinet or on a shelf. A great place for this zone is along the side of the garage next to the cars. This area typically isn’t wide enough for shelving, but you can hang up thin, tall items much more easily.

Large, Bulky and Seasonal Items – These items can be stored up high because you only need to access them occasionally. You can build loft storage or use high shelves for things like holiday decorations and camping equipment.

Workspace – It’s great to have a clear area for working or doing projects. That way you won’t have to clear a space when you want to work on something.

There are other zones you could work into your organizing system if they fit your needs:

Seasonal Need It Now Items – This would be things like rakes for spring gardening, skis in the winter, golf clubs in the summer, etc. Ultimately, it is for items that you use a lot at a certain time of year, but can switch the items out as the seasons change.

Sporting Goods – If you have a lot of sporting goods, you might want to designate a certain area just for these items.

Hobby or Additional Use Area – Perhaps your garage is also your wood shop or laundry room or exercise area. You may need to designate a zone for this so that you can access it easily and store everything in the most efficient way possible.

Make sure you have a solid plan for where everything should go and putting things away will be so much easier!



In honor of Dads….

In honor of dads and Father’s Day:

Here are a couple ways we organize my husband’s stuff. To be honest, he is as much of an organizer as I am….he just doesn’t have a blog ;)

Ladder on Hooks

Ok, so hanging a ladder on hooks isn’t a new idea, but I thought I would point it out for two reasons:

1) We have a shed where we keep most of our larger items, but we use the ladder fairly often. So by making a space for it in the garage, it is easier to access and saves us time and hassle.

2) This ladder is fairly lightweight so even I can get it off the hooks. It doesn’t make sense to organize something if it isn’t functional for the people who are using it. If this ladder was heavier, we probably would have it lower. But because it’s light, I can get it down and it stays way out of the way!

Our camping supplies are also in our garage. However, they are on a high shelf which is hanging from the ceiling. It created a ton of storage space but still allows easy access using the aforementioned ladder. :) We have labeled bins which make various supplies easier to grab.

My husband keeps his most often used tools on a pegboard in the garage and the ones he doesn’t use often are kept in the shed. Even I know where each tool goes and I try to always put them back. :)

Here fishy, fishy

Sidenote: I just thought I would snap a photo of his tackle box. He keeps this super organized as well and is constantly refining the system!

Last but not least for today: He always keeps a cover on the grill when we’re not using it. He is of the opinion (and I agree) that if you have something nice, you should take care of it and protect it.

Speaking of taking care and protecting something, I just want to thank my husband for being such a caring and protective father. I can’t think of any way he could be more devoted or set a better example for his two boys.


And I also want to thank my own dad for being so wonderful and caring.

Me, My Dad and The Boys

I’m lucky to have such wonderful men in my life. Happy Father’s Day!


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