Container Store Inspiration

I just got my most recent Container Store catalog in the mail. I thought I would share with you just a few of the glorious organizing items I’m coveting!

container 2

I love these little scarf hangers that are available in fun, bright colors. Scarves, yes! But what other great ways could these be used? Holding jump ropes maybe? Or necklaces? Ties? Bungee cords in a utility closet? They seem like a great, versatile and reasonably priced product to me!

container 4

The Container Store has an assortment of these Linus cabinet organizers. They have ones that are perfectly sized for a ‘coffee station’ with stirrers, creamers, etc. The one pictured above is holding seasoning packets. I can see them being used for kid’s snacks in either the pantry or fridge. They would work great for separating craft supplies or bathroom items. Or even in the laundry room to hold dryer sheets, a bowl for change or other small items.

Container Store Elfa Garage System

Container Store Elfa Garage System

Can my garage please look like this, please?????  My husband would love this.

container 3These little drawers can be mounted under a sink in the bathroom to create sturdy pull out drawers in small spaces.

container 5I think I will definitely be buying one of these saran wrap/ plastic bag holders next time I go to the Container Store. It’s such a great idea to keep all of these items organized and it is free stannding so you don’t need any hardware.

Container 6This gift wrapping cart is great for so many reasons! Ribbon holders, slide out drawers, caster wheels and a place to hold the rolls of wrapping paper.

container 7I absolutely love this 80 pocket accessories organizer. The top part buttons so that you can put a hanger inside it and hang on a hook or you can button the whole thing right to a closet rod. Perfect for earrings and bracelets!

You can find similar items at other stores, but I love the Container Store for inspiration. It just makes me want to re-organize everything all at once!