Spices – not just for the pantry anymore

I recently posted on how I Organized My Spices. I absolutely love how I finally have them organized, but in my exhaustive search for a spice storage solution, I came across endless great storage ideas. One trend I noticed is that people seem to be pulling the spices out of the pantry or spice cabinet and making them more of a feature in their kitchens. Here are a few of my favorites:

Spice 1

I love how the spice shelves are combined with the apron hooks. So cute and handy!

spices 2

There are so many magnetic spice jars out there now, from simple baby food jars with glued on magnets to high end containers with fancy magnetic boards. Whichever way you choose to magnetize, it is sure to keep the spices handy and create and interesting look for the kitchen. I love how the photo above shows how you can really fit the spices into your decor and make them look more like art.

spices 3

How convenient is this drawer set up as a spice rack? The small angled shelves make it easy to see all of the spices and get them out easily.

spice 4

And this is my absolute favorite spice rack that I found….it is a vintage coke bottle crate hung on the wall. I love a little vintage! And it’s creative, interesting and functional at the same time.

For more ideas on how to ‘spice’ things up in your kitchen, check out my Pinterest Board on Kitchen and Pantry Organizing!



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