Simplify Your Nest

My theme for this year is ‘Simplicity.’ I have decided that every area of my life needs some level of simplification and I’m getting excited to share with you how I’m doing it!

With everything I do this year, I’m going to ask myself the following question:

“Is this simplifying my life or is it making it more complicated?”

Now the answer to this won’t always be cut and dry. For example, I want to cook more healthy and natural meals for my family. This will actually take more work in the beginning so it seems like it would be more complicated. However, when I’m cooking healthy meals, I feel better, I am in better control of what we are eating, I pay more attention to the food in my kitchen, I know what ingredients I have on hand and can start cooking healthy meals in bulk. So, in reality, this change will simplify my life quite a bit in the long run. And that’s what I’m looking at here….the long run.

I’m also going to PURGE!!! I want to rid my house of items that feel like clutter, that are unused and never looked at, that we have outgrown or are broken, and that just don’t fit our lifestyle.

I also plan to simplify my mind….stick with me here, I don’t mean I’m going to learn less or stop actively engaging. I mean I’m going to focus on worrying less, comparing less, making fewer lists, and relaxing more. I think it’s wonderful to actively engage your mind and seek out new experiences. I also think that our culture has the tendency to overwhelm ourselves with overstimulating technology and comparison and self doubt and worrying and so many other negative things. I’m going to clear my mind a little this year so I actually have time to focus on the good things.

I’m going to be GRATEFUL! Focusing on what we have is one of the most effective ways to be satisfied. The explosion of good emotions that come with gratitude can result in us actually wanting less stuff.

This post is going to start a Simplicity Series and I plan to share practical tips as well as focus on the root cause of disorganization and unease in our lives.

I’m ready to SIMPLIFY in 2015! Are you with me?


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