Project Organizing for scrapbooking, papers and crafts

I am eternally behind on my scrapbooking projects. I think it’s because, as much as I WANT to love scrapbooking, I don’t. But I’ve obtained all of these glorious scrapbooking items…paper flowers, trim ribbon, metal name tags…seriously the most adorable stuff. I’ve been using things for various other projects but I still want to at least get my photos and memories in an organized book for each year. Up until now, I have separated each year into its own reusable grocery bag and hung them in my closet. Aren’t they pretty?


Um, no, they are not pretty. They look cluttered and bulky and every once in a while, the weight of one year of wonderful memories gets to be too much for a hanger and it will slowly unbend until it comes crashing down in a frantic memorabilia mess on the floor. Soooo, I needed another storage option for these. Enter the Project Box!

I was so excited to find these for $5 a piece at Walmart and to start getting a better system for my projects.

Box 2

So I’ve started a box for each year I’m behind on. The inside of the boxes still look a little cluttered but at least everything is contained and stackable!

And the best part is that I can think of so many other ways to use them after I’ve caught up on my scrapbooking (which might never, ever happen). They would be great for party planning. You wouldn’t believe how many printables and cutouts I had laying around while planning my son’s Dr. Seuss Birthday Party.  They would be great storage for thank you notes, stationary and extra greeting cards. Kid’s craft supplies? Smaller seasonal clothing items like scarves and mittens? An emergency kit for the car with batteries, snacks, first aid kit and other supplies?

I’m excited about my find and to finally have that extra space in my closet back.



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    • They are so great. I love the size. Perfect for scrapbook paper, but they also slide easily under a bed so it’s great storage. Thanks!

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