Paper Pile Purge – Magazines

Do you have a million magazines that are piling up around your house? Could you build a small fort with them? Well it’s time to sort and purge, unless you want to live inside a magazine fort…..

I have several magazine subscriptions that I love, but they do tend to pile up. I have a few places that I display them, but they are starting to get out of controlMorning (1)

What used to be a cute little stack of magazines has now almost outgrown the shelf.

Morning (2)

I knew I needed to take care of this ‘issue’ right away. (Please ignore my magazine pun – my tea was decaf this morning) Here are a few ways I’m going to rid my life of this growing stack of paper!

-There are a couple magazines that I’m not going to renew my subscriptions for at the end of the year. That will stop some of the paper clutter from coming into my house in the first place.

-I put 1 magazine in my car. That way, if I have a doctor or dentist appointment, I can bring in a magazine that I know I’ll have interest in instead of choosing from the stack at the dr’s office. (No more ‘Cat Fancy’ for me!)

-I am combining this paper pile purge with a Self Care Challenge from our Self Care for September Series. This week we challenged people to develop or revise their morning routine. I have a pretty hectic routine….2 kids, 3 dogs, working from home, blogging, cleaning, etc. It all starts early each day. What was missing was a few minutes to myself. I have been trying to drink tea in the mornings, but it usually sits until it gets cold. I am now taking 10 minutes to drink my tea and read one of my magazines.

Morning (3)

This will help go through the magazine pile and also ensure I have a more relaxing start to my day.

-As I read, I dogear the pages I will want to reference later. However, instead of keeping the magazines, I’m scanning in the pages I want to keep. I will then give my magazines to friends or donate to doctor’s offices.

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3 thoughts on “Paper Pile Purge – Magazines

  1. These are great ideas! I had a lot of magazines I didn’t want to get rid of because they had a good workout, recipe or article in them. The last time I was going move my girlfriend recommended I go through them and cut/rip out the stuff I wanted to keep and put them I’m clear sleeves and in a binder. It was a great idea. I was able to get rid of like a 100 magazines!

    • 100 Magazines! That’s amazing! It’s unbelievable how fast they can pile up, isn’t it? Good suggestion to put them in a binder. That way you can separate them by category too! Thanks!

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