Neaten Your Nest in the News!

Today I had the amazing experience of being on a guest segment on our local Fox News station in Colorado Springs. I discussed several different ‘green’ cleaning products that you can make at home. I will hopefully have the link up tomorrow so I can share the whole segment, but for now I wanted to list out the products I talked about:

All Purpose Cleaning Spray

Granite Cleaning Spray

Green Shower Spray


Homemade Laundry Detergent

I have also added a new sub-page under my ‘Green Nest’ page where I will list all of these cleaning recipes. I will keep adding to that page so that there is a full library of green and natural products to make your family and home happy and healthy!

Here’s a still shot from the segment. I’ll get the link to you soon!

Foxy Moms Segment


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