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A couple weeks ago, I went to visit my sister in DC. She had asked me to come out to help her organize her apartment. Her and her boyfriend had combined households and were trying to finalize a few things. When I first walked into the apartment, I asked her what she possibly needed organized. The place looked great, clean and uncluttered. However, there were some things that weren’t working for her. What she really wanted was efficiency and enough space in a few key areas, as well as a few decorative elements. After the organization, she asked if she could write a review or something she could share on the blog. I wanted to include it for her and then I’ll share some pics of the changes we made! Here are the sweet words she wrote:

I love my apartment in DC, but after combining two households (my boyfriend and I moved into together in February) there were some details that we just couldn’t quite get right.  The phones/ipads on the kitchen counter weren’t a big deal, but they bugged me, and for some reason, I just couldn’t think of the ideas and didn’t have the energy to finalize the “little things”. Erin helped me do an inventory of things that I wanted to change and throughout the weekend creatively came up with solutions.  When we couldn’t quite find the right size drawer organizer for office supplies, she picked out tiny individual containers that worked perfectly.  She was so committed to getting it done and making sure we were comfortable with it, including staying up until midnight diligently following Ikea instructions to build a dresser. Now, all the paintings are hung up, we have a filing system for bills, and there are no more clothes in the linen closet :) Now my apartment doesn’t bug me at all, its what it should be: a place of comfort.  Thanks Er!

I’m so, so glad I could help them get it the way they wanted. Here are some pics!

For the bedroom, all we needed to do was add a small night stand. This not only provided a place to set a few items, but it also helped finish off the look of the room.

Bed B&A (2)In the kitchen, we just needed a way to corral the electronics and chargers as well as a stack of cookbooks. We couldn’t find a charging station that worked so we improvised with a low profile basket. We bought some magazine holders for the cookbooks. The combination of the natural basket material and the pop of color from the book holders keeps it interesting.

Counter B&A (2)

Kelly also wanted a new system for her laundry. She had one basket for everything, but wanted 3 separate baskets. Since space was limited, we ended up finding some fabric storage boxes that worked perfectly. 2 of the boxes replaced the original laundry basket and one went on a shelf.

Laundry B&A (2) Laundry B&A (4)

There were a dresser and a desk in the 2nd bedroom that needed some attention. We bought a new dresser with additional drawer space. It also worked well because it had clean lines and a slim profile so it helped the room feel larger, even though the new furniture piece was quite a bit bigger.

Dresser B&A (2)

We bought some baskets to sit on the floor underneath the desk to hold paper and other office items. A wooden box that was already in the apartment was reinvented as a file holder.

Desk B&A (2)We bought another cool basket to hold Kelly’s yoga mat and bag. This reduces visual clutter, again adds the natural element of the wicker and keeps the bag from sliding in front of the closet door.

Yoga corner B&A (2)We also did a few other small things like adding drawer organizers, changing out the pet food containers and hanging some things up on the walls:

Extras (3)Extras (6)

Extras (5)Extras (2)We also made some time for fun, don’t worry!

Kelly and MeIt just goes to show that with a weekend worth of time, a little help and really evaluating what you want out of a space, you can make a house a home.


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