Garage Organizing – Go Vertical!

If you’ve read my blog at all, you might know that one of my favorite organizing tips is to go vertical with storage. Why waste valuable wall space when you can use it to organize? Here are a few ways we efficiently use space in our garage.

Of course we have a pegboard for the tools. This is the easiest way to hang everything up so you can see it, but it’s out of the way.

Garage - Vertical Storage (5)

We have the kid’s bike helmets hung up so they are easy to find and grab.

Garage - Vertical Storage (8)

Look at this little trick….my husband had a fishing rod holder that hangs on the wall,  but he hung it on the underside of our loft storage. They are still easily reachable, but completely out of the way. Genius!

Garage - Vertical Storage (6)

And since I love, love, love over-the-door shoe organizers, we have 3 of them in our garage. One is on the back of the garage closet and holds miscellaneous items such as work gloves, dog leashes, car washing supplies, and more.

Garage - Vertical Storage (1)

The other two organizers are not hanging on doors; I nailed those babies right to the wall. You know that space right next to where you park your car? The one that is usually too shallow to put a cabinet and often goes unused? I hung two of these organizers up right there and filled them with the spray paint I use for all of my crafty projects.

Garage - Vertical Storage (3)

The bottom portion of each organizer holds extra foam brushes, gloves, saw tooth hangers and a few other items I frequently use. They are out of the way, I can see everything and I’m using previously unused real estate!

So go vertical with your organizing. The garage is the perfect place to do this and can help you fit so much more into your space without things being cluttered.


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