The Green Sweater and the Art of Letting Go

I have been slowly going through all of the clothes in my closet. I did a big purge about 6 months back, but now I am making sure I wear everything that is left. I wanted to give myself this challenge because sometimes I get too comfortable with my favorite shirts and jeans and I don’t wear other things, even though I know I love them. As I wear things that are ‘new’ again, I find myself inspired or facing the day with a little more confidence. I am also finding things that are, well, not so good. Case in point…..

There is a green striped sweater that has been haunting me for a couple of years. It was cute, super soft and a little different. But I knew it wasn’t really me. Every few years, I will buy something that has a traditional ‘preppy’ look because I like it. What I never seem to remember is that I always end up giving those clothes away because I don’t feel like me when I wear them. Well this green sweater was one of those ill-conceived purchases. It stared at me, daring me to put on a visor, a pleated skirt and grab my tennis racket and flounce out the door. That clearly never happened. I just can’t pull off that look. So I decided to try the sweater with a cute tank top and a pair of jeans. I was going to Pull It Off! I asked my husband what he thought of the outfit before I left the house. I said “Babe, what do you think of this sweater?” He burst out laughing and said “It’s cute if you were 5.” Hmmm.

Somewhere deep down, I was completely expecting this reaction, because this is the reaction I vaguely had as I looked in the mirror. But getting someone else’s opinion helped me to come to terms with my own opinion. If I had truly loved that sweater, I would have worn it no matter how someone else reacted. But I didn’t love it, still don’t, never will. And coming to terms with that let me change into a better shirt and toss that sweater straight into the donate box.

I have realized that it’s ok to ask for help or opinions. Just be prepared that you might not always get the reaction you were hoping for. Look at other’s opinions as a way to gauge your own feelings. Look at them as inspiration, as advice, as a non-emotional view. You don’t have to follow every piece of advice that people give you, but others can often give you valuable insight that you might be missing through the clouds of your own emotions. An unattached, unbiased, unemotional look at something can help release you from unhealthy attachments. Like a green sweater.

So try to look at your situations from the outside. What is best for you? What is holding you back? What can you let go of?



Purge….No More Excuses!

So many people struggle with purging items from their home. There are a lot of reasons why it’s difficult….from “I might use this some day” to “my Great Aunt So-and-So gave me this” to  “I don’t know what to do with this or how to get rid of it.” Now is the time for No More Excuses Purging. We’re going to face some of the difficulties of getting rid of stuff and figure out how to solve those pesky purging problems.

Excuse #1 – I might use this some day.

Yeah, well you might. But if you haven’t used it in the last year, especially if you haven’t used it for longer, chances are you won’t use it. Here’s how to make this one easier for yourself. Put items you don’t use in a ‘test box’. Let them sit in the box for 6 months. If you haven’t gotten those things out (or maybe you don’t even remember what is in there after that length of time!), then you can officially let those items go.

People also don’t want to get rid of typically useful items, such as pens or cups. However, if you sort your items so that you can see any duplicates you have, it may be easier to part with some of them. If you have 40 cups or 100 pens, you can definitely handle getting rid of a few. So sort like with like and see how many of each type of item you actually have.

I know from personal experience that people will also hold on to items that represent a version of themselves that they would like to be. If you are holding on to that old hockey stick or food processor or weight machine and hoping you will wake up with the motivation to use them, you are really putting a lot of pressure on yourself. If it’s something you won’t actually pursue or is causing more negative feelings than positive ones, it may be time to let go.  I KNOW this is hard (I’m talking to you juggling pins and banjo patiently waiting in my office), but I also know that the freedom that comes with letting go can create such a sense of motivation in other areas. Now you can focus on the things you are actually going to do!

Excuse #2 – I got this as a gift and I would feel guilty letting it go.

Most people don’t give gifts so that you feel guilty about having to keep them. If it’s something you are not using or displaying or it’s something that you don’t like, get rid of it. Alleviate some of the guilt by donating it or giving it to a friend who wants it. The freedom of letting go of something you no longer want is much more positive than the mental weight it puts on you if you keep it.

Excuse #3 – It has sentimental value.

Many people hold on to things because they remind them of a special person, time or place. Certain mementos can be great as decorative pieces and help to personalize a space. However, it is not always a good idea to hold on to something just for the sake of nostalgia.

I recently got rid of a stack of concert tickets I was sure I would put into an album some day, a bunch of photos of events I hardly remember going to, and clothes I wore back in my college days. Do I miss them? Not even a little bit. I realized that the memories I have are more important than the physical item. And if I don’t remember something that well or with any fondness, that’s all the more reason to let the items go.

This excuse can be hard to combat when the items are family heirlooms. Some ways to deal with this are to take photos of the items. These are much easier to store and you can still have a visual reminder. You can also see if any other family members would like any of the items. You could choose to sell or donate things so that they are given a new life instead of collecting dust in an attic.

You can also choose to actually put these items to use. Decorate a kitchen shelf with antique cookware, put postcards or costume jewelry in a shadow box on the wall. Lay a family quilt on the end of your bed. While this isn’t technically a purge, it creates a positive impact. If you actually work these items into your decor, you will appreciate them more and they will serve a purpose.

Excuse #4 - I don’t know how to get rid of this item or where to take it.

There are a surprising number of things that can be difficult to get rid of, particularly if they don’t work. The most common ‘hard to get rid of’ items are appliances, bicycles, electronics and hazardous materials.

There are a ton of organizations dedicated to collecting unused items…from the well known Salvation Army and Good Will to the thousands of more focused organizations who may collect books, clothing, old cars or any of hundreds of other types of items. Check out my Donate and Recycle Page for a few ideas or do a local search in your area.

Many organizations will offer pick up for items and may even take things that don’t work, such as cars. In return, you can use the donation as a tax write off. Craigslist and Freecycle are website options where you can post your items.

If the item simply doesn’t work, look for organizations who collect scrap metal, porcelain or other hard to get rid of materials. Check if there is a hazardous waste disposal site in your area. These will often take things like paint, insecticides, batteries, old electronics or other items you want to get rid of but don’t want to throw in the trash.

Get creative. Donate old instruments to local schools, books to local libraries, cut up torn clothes to use as rags…there is usually a way to breathe new life into something through donation or repurposing.

What excuses are you using to hold on to stuff you don’t need? What is holding you back? And wouldn’t making the decision to purge unwanted items open up a lot more time and energy in your life?







Simplify Your Nest

My theme for this year is ‘Simplicity.’ I have decided that every area of my life needs some level of simplification and I’m getting excited to share with you how I’m doing it!

With everything I do this year, I’m going to ask myself the following question:

“Is this simplifying my life or is it making it more complicated?”

Now the answer to this won’t always be cut and dry. For example, I want to cook more healthy and natural meals for my family. This will actually take more work in the beginning so it seems like it would be more complicated. However, when I’m cooking healthy meals, I feel better, I am in better control of what we are eating, I pay more attention to the food in my kitchen, I know what ingredients I have on hand and can start cooking healthy meals in bulk. So, in reality, this change will simplify my life quite a bit in the long run. And that’s what I’m looking at here….the long run.

I’m also going to PURGE!!! I want to rid my house of items that feel like clutter, that are unused and never looked at, that we have outgrown or are broken, and that just don’t fit our lifestyle.

I also plan to simplify my mind….stick with me here, I don’t mean I’m going to learn less or stop actively engaging. I mean I’m going to focus on worrying less, comparing less, making fewer lists, and relaxing more. I think it’s wonderful to actively engage your mind and seek out new experiences. I also think that our culture has the tendency to overwhelm ourselves with overstimulating technology and comparison and self doubt and worrying and so many other negative things. I’m going to clear my mind a little this year so I actually have time to focus on the good things.

I’m going to be GRATEFUL! Focusing on what we have is one of the most effective ways to be satisfied. The explosion of good emotions that come with gratitude can result in us actually wanting less stuff.

This post is going to start a Simplicity Series and I plan to share practical tips as well as focus on the root cause of disorganization and unease in our lives.

I’m ready to SIMPLIFY in 2015! Are you with me?


A Time of Reflection – Organizing my Priorities

Well friends, I have taken quite the hiatus. It has been almost 2 months since I have written a post. I was overwhelmed with life and needed a break. Often times, we have too much on our plate and, instead of reducing our commitments, we suffer through them. I decided it was time to stop and really reflect on what I need for myself, my family and business. I have been busy with the holidays, recovering from the holidays, guests, traveling, and the all encompassing feat of potty training a 2 year old. It’s exhausting! But I’m ready to jump back in to everything I’ve put on hold!

Up and coming in 2014:

The Mindful Nest is going to be front and center this year. My focus on organizing is going to center on our mental well being, how we got to a disorganized state in the first place, and how we can using positive thinking to make changes in our lives.

Atlanta (119)

Crafty Organizing – I am not a crafting guru, but I love to personalize my organizing solutions (like my DIY Jewelry Board and Decoupage Letter Baskets). I’m going to put an emphasis on Cheap and Crafty this year!

The Green Nest is also going to be a huge focus this year. This will include posts on green cleaning, ways to donate and recycle all sorts of items, and making use of things you already have in your home.

Time Management – This is vital to creating a well balanced and organized life. Properly managing our time allows us to pursue creative outlets in our lives.


I am looking forward to new organizing adventures and sharing my successes (and failures) with you!


Let it Go Sometimes

Hi everyone! This has been an interesting and busy month for my household. Between traveling, house guests, school starting for our preschooler, and general craziness at my day job, I’ve just been a little overwhelmed. However, this has been our Self Care for September month and I’ve really been taking it to heart. I’ve been focusing more on how I feel as I go through my day, not just what I get done. Right now, I have a laundry basket full of clothes and a sink full of dishes. There are books and toys acting as a second level of carpet throughout our whole house. I haven’t returned a couple of messages. My Bloglovin account has about 200 unread blog posts.

But I FEEL better. I took the kids outside today and enjoyed the Fall weather. I actually went RUNNING this week. (If you know me, you know that is a huge step for me.) I called my grandma and chatted for a while. I might actually be learning to let go. It’s been a great realization. Now I know I need to clean my house up some and pay some bills. But those things will come. And if can mentally relax, those chores won’t seem so daunting.

I’ve also been blogging less, but that’s ok too. I hope you’ll continue to follow along as I move through a transition in my way of thinking and living. I have more organizing projects in the works and will be posting about them soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Self Care for September: Introducing the Monthly Challenge

When I write about organizing, there is a lot of focus on where to put things and how to make them functional and pretty. However, the real drive behind my organizational focus is not the actual stuff in my house. I organize because I want to clear my mind. I want to create spaces that are meaningful and easy to live in. I want to make time for more important things, like my family and friends. So the mental benefits of organization are the true inspiration for everything I write about.

This month, I have teamed up with Kristi from Life Sprinkles for a monthly challenge called Self Care For September. Self Care Logo 2

For all of September, we will be exploring ways, big and small, that you can care for yourself. Creating a better you is the first step in creating everything else you want from life.

Here is how you can participate:

-Sign up for the Self Care For September Newsletter. You will receive the weekly newsletter that will include the daily ‘mini challenges’ and also the ‘weekly challenge’. The daily challenges are small and can usually be completed in 15 minutes or less. The weekly challenge is a little bigger and just might include a shopping trip or another little extravagance you’ve been putting off.

-If you are a blogger, you can grab one of the buttons from the sidebar and write your own post on self care during the month. We would love to see how other people are putting our Self Care Plan into action.

-Feel free to make up your own daily and weekly challenges too. We would love to hear the way you’re working your way to a better you. Share in our comments, facebook pages (NeatenYourNest or LifeSprinkles) , or twitter (@klifesprinkles and @neatenyournest)! Check us out on Instagram too (@klifesprinkles and @erinsnyder123)!

-We will also be posting our own progress throughout the month in our posts.

We will be having several random giveaways as well. Use the hashtag #selfcareseptember when you check in with us to be eligible!

Please join us in our Self Care for September Challenge!