Thanksgiving Leftover Inspiration

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers! We purposely cook for 3 times as many people as we have just so we can have enough leftovers to last us until December. And I could probably eat the leftovers just as they are….plate after plate of turkey and stuffing. However, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up with the leftovers and make something a little different. Here are a few tips on organizing your leftovers and then a few recipes I found online that are creative ways to use up all that extra food!

Organizing Leftovers:

-After Thanksgiving dinner, do a brief fridge assessment. Is there anything you can get rid of, consolidate, shift around? Make sure the fridge is as clean as possible. This will create space for leftovers and also allow you to see the leftover containers better.

-Use clear storage containers or get your tape and marker ready. If you can’t see the food in the fridge, you are much less like to eat it or even remember what is in there!

-Try a new recipe using your leftovers to mix it up a little!

-If you make recipes that will last a while in the freezer, make several meals that you can freeze for an easy meal on a later date.

Turkey Pot Pie – A great use for both the turkey and leftover veggies. It’s also good if you were ambitious and planned to make a cherry pie and then decided not to, leaving you with 2 pie crusts (not that I know from experience)

Southwestern Turkey Soup – serve this with some leftover cornbread you might have from making stuffing.

Thanksgiving Leftover Wontons with Cranberry Salsa – Oh.My.Stars. My one Black Friday purchase this year will be Wonton Wrappers so I can make these.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and feel free to share any leftover recipes you have!



Kitchen Organizing – Time to Spice it Up

Pantry - Spice Banner

I have been trying to organize my pantry for over a year. It’s not done yet. I’m not sure it will ever be done. Probably at least once a day I give it a once over glance and think “why doesn’t it look the way I want it to?” But it’s functional and it’s about a million times better than it was a year ago, so what are ya gonna do?

One part I’m absolutely smitten with is the spices. Here is the before of the spice shelf:


I didn’t like all of the different size containers and they were hard to organize. I spent hours and hours on Pinterest and other blogs looking for great spice organizing ideas. I found some great ones. Chalk labels, magnetic lids, turnstyle holders….but none of them were perfect for my needs. My next post will have some of the other great ideas I found just so I can share how many creative ways there are to store spices.  I finally found simple, plain spice jars at Bed Bath & Beyond. These were exactly what I was looking for and I knew I could just use my label maker to add the names of the spices.


I’m not going to lie here people, these weren’t the cheapest things on the market. They were 2 bucks a pop and I needed about 28. So, I got a few for my birthday last year. And a few for Christmas. And a few more for Mother’s Day. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on a $56 charge for spice jars at one time. In my head, spreading out the spending makes it feel like less. (Note: That is not necessarily a good financial tactic, but I did make sure it was something I really wanted and I planned for it accordingly) So I FINALLY have my spices beautifully organized in these jars.

I LOVE them! Let me tell you a few of my ridiculously over-analyzed well thought-out criteria for spice jars.

-They had to stand so that I could see all of the jars at the same time. There were some cute options with pull out drawers, but you couldn’t just open the pantry and see them all at once.

-They needed to have a shaker side for sprinkling spices and also an open side for measuring out into measuring spoons.

-They needed to be tall and thin instead of short and squatty (that’s a technical term).

-I wanted clear jars so I could see the spices.

-I had to be able to put the labels near the top so that I could actually see the labels when the spices were lined up on my stepped storage shelf.

I’m thrilled!

Pantry - Spice (1) Pantry - Spice (3) Pantry - Spice (6)

I love the bright colors of the spices and how all of the jars are uniform.

I hope to share more of my pantry success stories shortly. Right now, they are few and far between so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for some progress!