An easy wall switch out – guest room mirror!

I have been working on re-doing our guest room for a while now and it’s slowly coming together. I wanted to share a quick switch out that makes a big difference.

Mirror Switch Out (5)

One wall had a picture hanging on it that my husband and I bought when we first got together.

Mirror Switch Out (3)

I actually still love the picture, but I’m thinking of making it a part of a larger picture collage somewhere.

I have been searching for a cute mirror for a long time and finally found one on sale at Michaels.

Mirror Switch Out (4)

I love all of the sunburst style mirrors out there right now. However, I don’t like how a lot of the actual mirrors are the size of a quarter and then they have a giant sunburst of metal or wood around a teensy tiny mirror. I really liked the one I found because it is a useable mirror and still has a great look. Here are a few great things about this switch out:

1) I was patient while I looked for the perfect mirror. I’ve literally been scouring the stores for months but I didn’t want to settle. I’m glad I waited and I even found it on sale!

2) We didn’t even have to make a new nail hole. We just hung it on the existing nail. I love time savers.

3) It brings some additional light and a feeling of a little more space into the smaller sized room.

4)It’s going to be the basis for my color palette for the rest of the wall decorations and frames I plan on eventually hanging. I just needed a little inspiration!

5) Recently my style has taken a slight turn towards the vintage and refurbished concept and I feel like this mirror fits that style well, even though it’s brand new.

I can’t wait to share more photos from this room!

Mirror Switch Out (6)