After Halloween…..

As much as I LOVE Halloween, on November first, I am ready for it to be OVER! I’m like that with Christmas too. I get mentally ready to move on to the next thing and I want to get all decorations from the recent holiday put safely back in their places. I used to have one large bin for my Halloween decorations, but that started to overflow with skeletons and pumpkins, so I had to add a bin this year. Instead of throwing everything in, I categorized just a little bit. One bin holds only costume items:


I have a giant bin to hold all of the other decorations. Inside that bin, I have a smaller storage container for Halloween craft items.

IMG_2198This is full of construction paper, googly eyes, purple yarn and other creepy craft items. I also put in my construction paper bats that I had taped to the wall. That way they won’t get bent and I can use them again next year.

I also laminated the signs I put on the doors during my Halloween party so I can use those again too and they won’t get ruined.


Another thing I laminated was my costume photo banner:

Halloween Photo Banner (3)

I also ordered photos of this Halloween to put in our Halloween photo album. I try to do this right after Halloween each year so that I stay caught up.

I really do love Halloween and I’m already planning next year’s festivities, however, I am now in Thanksgiving mode!!!!


2 thoughts on “After Halloween…..

  1. The only way to survive holidays is with themed containers. Mine could do with a ‘tidying” and are in big gift bags. The thing that can REALLY save Xmas is forcing oneself to find time to pack away in an organized way LAST year. and of course to be gentle with ourselves ‘cos it is fun but when the kiddies are small it is a lot of work. :)

    • I agree! It helps so much for the next year if you can put everything away the year before :) And yes, with the little ones running around, it’s nice to stop worrying about the decorations for a bit and just play!

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