Summer Preparation Checklist

It’s kind of hard for me to write a post about preparing for summer because yesterday we got about 10″ of snow in our Colorado mountains. Oh well, I know the snow will end eventually. Last week, I had the pleasure of doing a seminar about preparing your home for summer. I’m going to share some of the tips I shared with those attending the seminar. Here is a list of things I do to prepare my home for warmer months! I know not every tip will apply to every household, but this is a good guideline for what to focus on when the seasons change.

Prep Checklist


-Go through everything in the pantry – throw away expired items

-Clean Oven

-Find recipes that use in-season veggies or fit the feeling of the season and bookmark them

-If you plan on being outside enjoying the summer days, prepare some freezer meals or pull out some crock pot recipes. That way you can relax on your deck in the evening instead of cooking and cleaning up the kitchen


-Clean out old products, throw away anything expired

-Organize summer health and beauty products – restock items like sunscreen, insect repellant, and the first aid kit

-Wash shower curtain; replace liner if needed


-Switch out winter clothes for the summer wardrobe – hang up the winter jackets in the back of the closet, move the sandals up on the shoe rack, etc.

-Wash cold weather blankets and sheets – store them in an air tight bin or bag

-Do the ‘hanger trick’ – hang all hangers on the bar backwards, when you wear something it goes back on a forward facing hanger, anything left facing backwards at the end of the season can be donated!

Living Room

-Wash and store heavier blankets and throws, bring out lightweight throw blankets.

-Switch out throw pillows


-Clean/ Repair gutters

-Safety check – inspect outdoor furniture, playground equipment, outdoor stairs, grill – make sure everything is in good condition before heavy summer use

-Pest control check – fill in holes/ seal windows where bugs could get in; make sure your pets are on flea and tick medication; check for signs of mice and other rodents; make sure all items that could attract bears are locked away in a garage or shed. (ok maybe you don’t have bears where you leave, but we’re in the mountains!)

-Rotate the items in your shed or garage – put away sleds, skis and snowblowers. Move bikes, hoses, gardening tools and anything else you’ll enjoy this summer up front and center

General Checklist Items

-Purge! Hold a garage sale, donate to various organizations, anything you can do to clear out clutter

-WD-40 squeaky doors and handles

-Thoroughly wash windows

-Dust EVERYTHING! Take all items off shelves before dusting, dust light fixtures, switch plates, baseboards, top of the fridge, picture frames, tops of doorways

-Make sure your fans are spinning in the right direction, the blades should be pushing the air downwars in the summer and lifting it up in the winter

-Clean everything well before you put it away for the summer – blankets, winter clothes, sports equipment – the cleaner it is when you put it away, the better condition it will be in when you take it out again

-Reduce the number of cleaning products you use – using natural products allows you to clean more than one thing with each cleanser

I hope this lists helps you get your house ready for summer fun!